He has showed you, O man, what is good. And what does the LORD require of you?
To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.
Micah Ch 6 v 8

Keith and Pauline Horobin

Photo of Keith and Pauline Horobin

Were married in March 1983 at a Charismatic church in Burton, and lived in the village of Tatenhill, about seven miles out of Burton. Pauline began an outreach to the village children, helped by two friends. As time went by, both had a desire to reach out into the area they were living in. In spring 1985 they told the elders of the church they were leaving to reach out locally. They began by meeting with another couple working in Derby; ten miles away. They started by holding a meeting in the Village Hall at Tatenhill; two people came, one was saved that day, the other was already saved. After a while they were led to a local Anglican church, Pauline started Sunday school and Keith was asked to be a Church Warden. They saw approximately fifty children go through the Sunday school. A number of these made first time commitments to Jesus. The Vicar retired, and during the interregnum they planned, financed, and ran a seven day mission in the three parishes of Tatenhill, Rangemore and Dunstall. Around eleven people made commitments over the seven days. Steve Watson and Jenny Cooper married in October 1987; great friends of Keith and Pauline who later became founding Trustees of Micah.

In May 1989, Keith heard God say it was time to move. The Lord told him to put the house on the market in February 1990, and move to Aldbrough, They started work at a Christian Conference Centre, with their evangelistic team; Keith was at this time a Trustee of this centre. Here they met David and Lynda Lush who later become two other Trustees of Micah. Due to the slump in the housing market it was June 1991 before they moved, and in July 1992 before the house was sold, and a new one purchased. They lived out of suitcases for a year, staying both at the Centre, and with a Christian couple in the village when the Centre was full. In February 1993, they left the Centre and began to reach out in Aldbrough.

Through God’s direction they got involved with an elderly gentleman who was in great need. He made a commitment to the Lord in an ambulance on the way to hospital in the January 1993, and he came out a month later, diagnosed with lung cancer, and no one to care for him. Not knowing that he had a terminal disease, they offered to care for him and took him to church whenever he was well; a fellowship in Burton Pidsea, a branch of Holderness Community Church. After a while they began to see others, mainly elderly people, make commitments and they were taken to church. Eventually the car was full and Pauline had to get a lift with another couple. The car was replaced with a mini bus. Soon the mini bus was full. It was then decided to plant a church in Aldbrough, where Keith and Pauline led this congregation. It started with fifteen people, in July 1994. This grew to about fort five to fifty folks. All these, but two, came from in and around Aldbrough the majority were recent converts. When in Yorkshire, David and Lynda invited them every year to holiday at their house in Cornwall. Two other folks who came to the Lord were Martin and Margaret Senior; who later joined the board of Trustees for Micah.

When Keith and Pauline finally moved into their two bedroom 'retirement' bungalow; Pauline remembers saying one day ' I could just do without all this clutter ' be careful what you say!!!!!!! During 1999, the voice of the Lord calling them to pastures new was being heard. In 2000, Pauline heard where, and what she believed God was calling them too. She told Keith that she had heard, but waited for Keith. Over a period of time Keith shared with Pauline all the things that God had said. Cornwall, 2002, mobile, evangelism! June 2001 a sign was put in the front garden, ‘House for Sale’. In November 2001 they collected their new home, a motorized one!

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