He has showed you, O man, what is good. And what does the LORD require of you?
To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.
Micah Ch 6 v 8

Ali Luke

Photo of Ali Luke

Ali was dedicated as a baby, and made her own commitment to follow Christ when she was baptised at the age of ten. She grew up worshipping in Anglican churches, then at her college chapel at Cambridge University, and now attends St Mary's in Garforth, Leeds, with her husband and two young children. Two of the many blessings sheís received from God are, a good way with words, and a fair amount of technical ability. She writes for various publications and was webmaster of her collegeís chapel's website at Cambridge.

Her first experience of God's miraculous answer to prayer was when she was ten and attending a Christian holiday club, where the children were encouraged to place prayers on a notice board. While others were pinning up requests about family members and school situations, Ali wrote "Please give my daddy a million pounds for his new Antibody centre." Her parents were terribly embarrassed ... but then a very large donation came through just a few days later enabling her dad to acquire the Antibody centre! Since then, Ali has always had a special love for children's work and for the power of a child's heartfelt prayer. Along with her parents and siblings, she's been leading St Nicholas Church's Holiday Club in Marston, Oxford almost every summer for the past 16 years -- a great excuse for action songs and Veggie Tales videos!

Peppy says: "Thanks to Aliís prayer, her dad offered me (Peppy) a position in the Antibody Centre where I spent eight years. One of the perks of working there was during school holidays, Geoff, Aliís dad used to ask me if I would like some extra help in the form of Ali. Yes, please, I would say very quickly as I knew I did not have to explain much and could leave Ali to get on knowing it would be okay. Alison is bright, quick to learn and good to work with. Imagine my great joy when she said she would do Micah's website."

Ali was married on September 11th 2010 - you can read about the wedding in Micah's November 2010 newsletter (Word or PDF)

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