He has showed you, O man, what is good. And what does the LORD require of you?
To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.
Micah Ch 6 v 8

Micah Mobile Ministries trains people to spread the Good News of Jesus in their own areas using the two training manuals they have compiled: Acts 1:8 Evangelism Training Manual and Reaching Others Manual. The ministry is training in the principles of evangelism and these can be used in whatever form of evangelism you are involved in.

Micah Mobile Ministries is now involved in reaching out with the Good News of Jesus using a variety of Social Media outlets.

We would welcome you to join us in any, or all, of these social media sites and follow the ways God is using us to reach out to people with the Good News of Jesus.

The aims of Micah Mobile Ministries are to:

Latest News
  August 2020:

How Micah Mobile Ministries Began

In September 2002, Keith and Pauline arrived in Cornwall, after nine months of praying and preparing. While still in Yorkshire, they'd taken up an offer of twenty-four Bibles from the International Bible Society for 100. The Lord showed Keith which row of houses to begin with, and as they sat in the car park looking at the houses, Keith decided to start off by offering them Bibles. Guess what? There were twenty-four houses...

(You can read the rest of their story in their book Shared Lives, which is available on Kindle.)

Micah worked in St Just, in Corwall over the next two years, seven months, and:

After this success, Micah moved on to Hayle - a larger town with a population of 12,000. The town was divided into six areas, and distribution began in June 2005. In eighteen months, two and a half areas were covered and...

2010 Onwards: Ploughing, Sowing, Reaping

By March 2010, Micah had given away six thousand, five hundred and fifty three Bibles. Pauline realised that it would take another hundred and eighty one years to deliver Bibles to the whole of Cornwell, at the same rate.

Micah prayed for a new mandate from the Lord, and have now started their current mission, training churches, organisations and groups to offer the Good News of Jesus to people where they live. This training is entitled Acts 1:8 Evangelism, as our reaching out should be led by the Holy Spirit and begin where we live spreading out to wherever Jesus takes us.

Please support the work of Micah, through prayer. If you would like Keith and Pauline to train your church or group, please get in touch. You can download our latest news from the newsletters page, and you can also download free sermons and booklets from our publications page.

Micah Mobile Ministries is registered with the Charities Commission, and our number is #1088747.
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